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Product name:Natural gypsum purification production line

Update time:2016-12-29 18:18:09

Although our country has rich natural gypsum source, there is few high quality gypsum but a lot of normal gypsum and hard gypsum; some natural gypsum crude ores don’t have independent conditions for producing gypsum cementing material, raw material grade is low, dihydrate gypsum content of raw material <70%, and whiteness is only <60 Wb; for raw material for producing gypsum  line,  technological product and high grade putty powder, whiteness is >78 Wb, and dihydrate gypsum content of raw material >85%. Product flexural strength is normally >2.5 MPa. Natural gypsum with bad quality, after machine selection, floatation, dehydration and drying, makes direct calcination and normal production, and quality indexes of gypsum powder  after purification are higher than those of product produced by grade I crude gypsum ore.

Production line features:

1. By purification production of raw material with bad quality, raw material can be used by grade without source waste, value of produced product increases over 4 times added, and the enterprise can obtain obvious economic benefit;

2. The company has pilot trial production line, making analysis, test, small-scale test and  pilot trial firstly, then determines production  technology, ensuring one-time trial production success of production line and saving large adjustment expense;

3. Civil work and equipment support use steel structure type, has various features such as short construction period, less investment and small floor area, and saves over 60% of fund than traditional multi-layer frame structure civil works;

4. Production line floatation uses recycling water, without waste water discharge; the whole line makes negative pressure operation, dust collection uses two-level or three-level dust collection system; the whole line makes production in clean environment, guarantees the environment, and protects the employees’ safety;

5. Multiple-heat source use: Able to use coal, gas, oil and biomass heat conduction oil burning boiler, hot air heat source system, and also able to use superheated steam to make production; secondary utilization of heat source saves energy.

Flow chart:

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