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Pre-sales service:

① accept the consultations of the clients; 

② provide market investigation, and project demonstration; 

③ confirm the scale of operation;

④ design factory construction scheme for the users;

⑤ provide factory construction drawing;

⑥ participate in the factory construction drawings; 

⑦ participate in the factory construction process guidance.

In-sales service:

① supervise the construction of infrastructures, water, electricity and other flows;

② erect management framework for the users, train the personnel of production management, equipment maintenance, quality control, purchasing, and marketing, etc.; 

③ teach the material matching formula.

After-sales service: 

① establish user archives;

② accept 24 hours of technical consultation;

③ the fixed time return visit of engineering technical personnel.

Extended service:

① the equipment system upgrading; 

② the mold upgrading of equipment;

③ the newest industrial information; 

④ the application of new technology and new process.

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