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Product name:NE series board chain hoist

Update time:2016-12-29 17:48:05

NE series board chain hoist is a high-efficient and energy-saving product of our Company produced with the advanced technologies of similar products introduced from foreign countries, which has been widely used in building materials, chemistry and other industrials.


1.The conveyor chain is sleeve roller chain, with gravity induced discharge, used in vertical lifting of all kinds of powders and granules.  

2.With a wide range of materials to be lifted, such hoist has less requirements on the kind, characteristics and block size of the materials; it is used to lift powders, granules and bulk materials; it is also used to lift high-temperature materials <250 ℃.

3.High transport capacity, good sealing, less environmental pollution, capable of lifting 15-800m³ / h.

4.Low energy consumption, inflow feeding, gravity induced discharge, large-capacity hopper with intensive layout, low chain speed, high lifting capacity, almost no feed back at the site, low drive power, its theoretical axis power is 25-45% less than that of the chain hoist.

5.Long service life, NE hoist adopts inflow feed, so that squeeze and collision between materials rarely occur; no spill during feeding, promotion and discharge; high-strength wear-resistant plate chain, with the service life of more than five years.

6.High altitude, low chain speed, smooth operation, high-strength wear-resistant chain, which can achieve a ideal lifting height.

7.Reliable, convenient operation, advanced design principles, which ensure the reliability and operability of its operation.

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