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Product name:Electrical Control System of the Production Line

Update time:2016-12-29 17:53:45

Electrical control system of the production line adopts the DCS system. The environment of the production site is complex, and the parameter points, dust points and the process detection points are scattered. Therefore, according to the principle of high performance and low cost, multiple sets of  PLC, IPC and industrial configuration software are used for the core part of controlling, alarming and monitoring functions to control the parameters of single machines and system equipments. Multi-point data acquisition module and signal amplifier module are used to transmit the current, voltage, temperature, position and pressure of each system equipment to the DCS system. The distributed control system analyzes and cleanses the parameters and adjusts the programmable one automatically.  


A.Display of the operating status of equipments in the production line, automation of process parameters;

B.Operation interface of subsystems;

C.Display of trend curves of process parameters within three months;

D.Calculation of yield and cumulated production volume by group;

E.Fault alarm interface;

F.Self-correction of the measurement system and the production – process associations system.

G.Video monitoring of the feed system, main equipment and high-altitude equipment; remote monitoring and scheduling of the production status via the network.  

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